urban thunderstorm

the sun had almost fully set
the stars peeked through the clouds
foreshadowing the misty rain
the urban thunderstorm

the rain began to fall
it dripped off my umbrella
but without you by my side
i can only be afraid.

i couldn't hear pianos
in my daydreams or the air
for it all was drowned out
by the crying of my heart

not a beat, or a berak
but an inkdrop from a crack
that tugged on all the things i hate
and pulled me to the ground.

it came out of my eyes
but it blended with the rain
and with the ink i wrote
a biography of me

which was swiftly washed away
by the urban thunderstorm
but as quickly as they formed
the clouds drifted away.

and as my heartbeat steadied
i stopped my limbs from trembling
i got up off my knees
and made my way back home.

july 24, 2021